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Track changes

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Enable/disable track changes

View the changes as they are made by your collaborators using track changes. While collaborating on an online document, the owner of the document can enable the track changes mode, which then tracks all the insertions, deletions, and changes made by the collaborators distinctively in the document. Later, the changes can be either accepted or deleted by the owner of the document from the review tab. All collaborators with read-write and read-comment access can switch on track changes in the document.

To enable track changes,

  1. Click the Review button and switch to review mode in your document.
  2. Turn ON the switch next to Track Changes. Now any edits made by the collaborator can be tracked and viewed in the review pane.
  3. Click the All Markup drop-down to select an alternate view for your document. You can view the content with all the edits (All-Markup) or view it with all the changes accepted in the No Markup mode. You can also view the original document before the edits were made.

Enable track changes

Markup Mode

Once your document is sent for collaboration and the edits are made, the three different markup views can help you to get an idea of how the final document will look like, both with and without the edits. The idea here is to give you a distraction-free view of the document from the highlighted edits. The markup modes are placed right next to Track Changes.

  1. All Markup - To view the document with the edits highlighted.
  2. No Markup - To see how the final document will look like if the edits were accepted. The edits/tracked-changes are only temporarily hidden and will showup next time the document is opened or when the mode is changed to All Markup.
  3. Original - To see how the original document looks by temporarily hiding the tracked-changes.

Note: The Markup mode is only to get a bird's-eye view of the document. To delete the tracked-changes permanently, you need to either Accept/Reject them.

Working with track changes on

Choose color for your changes

To choose color for track changes,

  1. Click the Review button and switch to review mode.
  2. Click icon and choose your favorite color.
  3. You can also set this as your default color for further use by selecting Use this as my default color for new documents checkbox.

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