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Effective document review requires the ability to receive and manage feedback while keeping the document's essence intact. Zoho's document review features are designed with both authors and editors in mind. In addition to tracking changes and inserting comments, you can also lock sections of a document (so that no one else can edit it), filter comments and changes made by particular users, and @mention your colleagues to get feedback from specific people. At any point, as the document owner, you can use the Pause Collaboration feature to lock the document completely; then, when you're ready for the next round of feedback, you can resume collaboration.

Pause collaboration

You can temporarily pause collaboration on any document, which suspends the activity of other collaborators and the document remains locked until you turn it on again.

To pause collaboration on your document,

  1. Click the Review button at the top of your document to switch to Review mode.
  2. Turn off the Collaboration switch to off the collaboration period for the document. Now the active collaborators can only view the document and cannot make any changes. Turn on the switch, once you are ready to resume collaboration.

Pause collaboration

Lock/Unlock Content

You can lock the sensitive part of a document so that it is not altered by other collaborators. You can lock selected or unselected content based on your preferences. Learn more on Document Collaboration.

To lock sections,

  1. Select the required text.
  2. Go to More options > Tools tab. Under Editing header, choose to lock/unlock content in collaboration. Alternatively, click the Review button to switch to Review mode and click the Lock document icon under Collaboration.
  3. A drop-down list will appear. Click Lock Selected content or Lock Unselected Content, which will lock either the selected text or everything but the selected text.

Note: If you want to allow any specific user to edit the locked content, click Advanced options in the drop-down menu, add the user in the AllowEditing For field and click Lock.

Mask content in collaboration

While collaborating on a document, you can choose to conceal a piece of content you think is too sensitive to be shared as such.

To mask a piece of content,

  1. Place the cursor where you want the sensitive data to be included.
  2. In the Tool Bar, under the Collaboration section, click on the fourth icon.
  3. A tiny text box with the mask icon will appear in the doc. Write/paste the content that is to be masked inside the text box.
  4. When you share the document, the masked portion alone will appear asterisked to the other collaborators.

Mask Content

Review the status of the collaborators in the document

Once you invite people to view, edit, or comment on your document they are added to the collaboration process. You can also view the status of each collaborator and see who has viewed, yet to view, or is active in the document.

Note: You can check the status of your collaborators for the documents you own and have shared it with other users, or for documents which are shared with you with Read/Writer or Read/Comment access.

To see the status,

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Share button. You will see the collaborators list with the status.

If you are not the document owner, you will see a Shared with you button instead of Share.

Access receipts

Get notified for changes and comments

When you're working on a group project, you got to keep track of the changes made and comments added to the content when you're away, right?

Writer notifies you of the changes made and comments inserted to the document via e-mail.

To enable this setting:

  1. Navigate to Review.
  2. Click the icon in the collaboration ribbon.
  3. You can now customize your e-mail notification settings from the pop-up menu.
  4. You'll get an email like the one shown below according to the selection you make in the settings.
  5. Select the first option as shown in the below image to get e-mails for all changes made to the document.
  6. If you choose the second option, you can further prioritize to be notified of all or only new comments, or activities in which you have participated.
  7. You can also choose not to be notified of a specific document.
  8. Finally, you can make your setting default for all the documents as well.

Notify collaborators of the changes

If you want to get an immediate response from your collaborators to the changes you made, the "notify collaborators" option comes in handy. With just a short message, you can update single or multiple collaborators about the changes and avoid sending multiple emails.

To notify collaborators:

  1. Click the Review button to switch to Review mode in your document.
  2. Click the icon under Collaboration. The Notify Collaborators window will be displayed.
  3. From the To drop-down list, select the category of collaborators to notify.
  4. Enter the subject and message for the collaborators and click Send.

Notify collaborators


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