(Available in Enterprise Edition only)

Organization administrators can configure their setup to receive or send notifications for specific password events, such as secret addition, retrieval, modification, deletion, and others. Once the administrator is finished, Zoho Vault will send email notifications at the desired  time to the list of selected recipients.

Note: This configuration is exclusive to organization administrators (i.e. the organization's users cannot create, modify, or delete notifications).

How  do I turn on notifications for password events?

  • Go to Audit >> Notifications >> and click  the Add button.
  • You can configure settings in the Configure Notifications window.
  • Now, click Save to configure the settings.




Choose one:

  • All administrators - Select this option to notify all the administrators  of selected password events.
  • Email addresses - Select this option to notify selected administrators whose email addresses are added by comma separated values.


Email Addresses



Add the email addresses of administrators and/or users who are to be notified about selected password events.


When to Notify

Choose one:

  • As and when they occur (default) - Select this option to notify users about selected password events as and when they occur.
  • Once - Select this option to notify users once, daily or weekly.
  • Between - Select this option to specify time in hours and minutes.

Notification Events

  • Chamber Added

  • Chamber Deleted

  • Chamber Updated

  • Chamber Shared

  • Secret Added

  • Secret Deleted

  • Secret Updated

  • Secret Shared

  • Secret Type Added

  • Secret Type Deleted

  • Secret Type Updated

  • Sharing Permissions Changed

  • User(s) Invited

  • User(s) Deleted

  • User(s) Added

  • User(s) Role Changed

Choose any:

  • Select all - To notify users about all password events.
  • You can also select specific notification event.


How do I edit or delete notification events?

  • Go to Audit >> Notifications >> Actions >> and then click the Edit / Delete button.
  • By  clicking this button, you can edit and/or delete notification events.
  • There is also an option to enable/disable the notification events in the Actions tab.


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