(Available in Enterprise Edition only)

Organization administrators can configure their setup to receive or send notifications for specific events, such as secret addition/sharing/modification/deletion, chamber addition/sharing/modification/deletion, secret type addition/deletion/updation, user addition/deletion and others. Once the administrator is finished, Zoho Vault will send email notifications at the desired  time to the list of selected recipients.

Note: This configuration is exclusive to organization administrators (i.e. the organization's users cannot create, modify, or delete notifications).

How  do I turn on notifications for password events?

  • Go to Audit >> Notifications >> and click  the Add button.
  • You can configure settings in the Configure Notifications window.
  • Now, click Save to configure the settings.




Choose one:

  • All administrators - Select this option to notify all the administrators  of selected password events.
  • Email addresses - Select this option to notify selected administrators whose email addresses are added by comma separated values.


Email Addresses



Add the email addresses of administrators and/or users who are to be notified about selected password events.


When to Notify

Choose one:

  • As and when they occur (default) - Select this option to notify users about selected password events as and when they occur.
  • Once - Select this option to notify users once, daily or weekly.
  • Between - Select this option to specify time in hours and minutes.

Notification Events

  • Chamber Added

  • Chamber Deleted

  • Chamber Updated

  • Chamber Shared

  • Secret Added

  • Secret Deleted

  • Secret Updated

  • Secret Shared

  • Secret Type Added

  • Secret Type Deleted

  • Secret Type Updated

  • Sharing Permissions Changed

  • User(s) Invited

  • User(s) Deleted

  • User(s) Added

  • User(s) Role Changed

Choose any:

  • Select all - To notify users about all password events.
  • You can also select specific notification event.


How do I edit or delete notification events?

  • Go to Audit >> Notifications >> Actions >> and then click the Edit / Delete button.
  • By  clicking this button, you can edit and/or delete notification events.
  • There is also an option to enable/disable the notification events in the Actions tab.


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