One-Click Auto Logon

OneClick Auto Logon

Auto logon helps directly launch a connection to the target web application from Zoho Vault GUI. To get this working, you just need to install the 'Click-to-login' button on your browser bookmark toolbar as explained below.

Login to Zoho Vault. In the GUI, navigate to "Settings >> Auto Logon >> One Click Auto Logon" page, you will see "Click-to-login" button. You just need to drag this button to your browser bookmark toolbar. This is a one-time configuration.

How to get auto logon working?

After installing this button, to login to any website, you will first click required secret in the "Secrets" >> "Auto Logon" page or the 'Auto Logon' icon in the 'Secrets' page. This will open a browser and you need to press the 'Click-to-login' button installed on the browser bookmark toolbar. Upon doing this, Zoho Vault will automatically fill the username and password and log you into the website or application without requiring you to copy and paste the password.

Facing problems with auto logon?

If you are not able to get auto logon working, ensure that the following things have been taken care of:

  • You should have installed "click-to-login" button on your browser bookmark toolbar
  • You should have launched auto logon from Zoho Vault GUI only Check the URL given for the secret.
  • To get auto logon work, you should have provided the URL of the login page of the website. For example if you are adding tumblr account, instead of specifying as, open the login page of tumblr, you should have copied the URL (say and pasted in the GUI. In case, you have not done so, edit the secret and ensure this.
  • Click-to-login requires cookies enabled in your browser. Enable third party cookies for If you still face issues, write to us at and we will be glad to assist.

If you still face issues, write to us at and we will be glad to assist.

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