Audit - Stay informed and take control of your Vault Operations

(Applicable to Super Admin/Admins)

Let's assume for a moment that you store the credentials of various privileged accounts in Zoho Vault, to which your marketing team is given manageable access for business purposes. One day, you login to Vault to find that the credentials of a critical account have been wiped out completely. Now, it would be a pain to even try enquiring to find out who amongst your team carried out the delete operation. This is where 'Audit' option figures in. Tracking all user activities with an audit log can offer an organization the insight it needs to increase efficiency and security in a reliable, provable way. That way, you can also keep vigil over your IT operations for any potential security breaches or internal misuses of information.

The 'Audit' feature of Zoho Vault records all sensitive operations carried out in Vault, with details on 'who', 'what', and 'when' of the operation. The trails are tamper-proof and are not deleted. Moreover, audit details are split into four types - Secrets, Chambers, Users, and Miscellaneous Audit, to provide clarity and convenience to the Super Admin or Administrators of the Vault.

To view these Audit Logs, go to Admin >> Audit.

  1. Secrets Audit - Records user activities related to secret addition/deletion/modification, ownership transfer, file attachments etc.
  2. Chambers Audit - Operations concerning Chambers such as their addition, deletion and likewise.
  3. Users Audit - Chronicles user-related details like user addition, deletion, change in access to Vault etc.
  4. Misc Audit - Administrative operations, including fine-grained controls, password policy are captured here

Secret Audit

Users Audit