Zoho Vault Mobile Access: - Android

For users who require anytime access to their secrets even if they are away from desk, Zoho Vault offers mobile access on smartphones and tablets to retrieve passwords while on the road.

What you can do with Zoho Vault Mobile App?

Once you are done with app installation on your Android device and have signed into your vault account, here are the various options you can look into:

A) Access any secret anytime:

All Secrets

With the Vault app, you get anytime access to all the stored secrets, be it a secret created by you or one that has been shared to you. On signing in, the app will, by default, display all your secrets, both enterprise and personal. The Star icon that is displayed beside the secrets can be used to mark them as Favorites.

B) Filters:

In order to retrieve specific passwords like your Favourites, passwords shared to you etc, you can make use of filters and shorten the list of passwords displayed. To select a filter, click on the Vault Logo present at the top left corner as shown in the first image below. A menu will slide in, from which you can select the desired filter.

Filters    Filters

C) Adding/Editing/Deleting Secrets:

To add a new secret to your vault, click on the '+' symbol displayed at the top right corner of the home page of the app and fill in the required details of the new secret and save accordingly.

Add Secrets    Add Secrets Form

To edit an existing secret, first click on the secret. In the page that displays the details of the secret, you can find the edit sign on the top right corner as shown in the image below. Then, make the changes desired.

Edit Secrets

To delete a secret, long press on the specific secret that you want to delete. You can also carry out bulk delete operations by selecting multiple secrets.

Delete Secrets

D) View File Attachments:

You can also view files that you have stored as part of a particular secret. Once you click on 'View' beside the attachment, the file will get downloaded and you can access it through the notification bar.

File Attachment

E) Provision for Secure Offline Mode:

The app also comes equipped with a secure offline mode to access passwords, if in case you do not have internet connectivity.

Before getting into this offline mode, you have to first download the required secrets. Only the secrets which you have managed to download before going offline would be available for access afterward. While it is not possible to download a single entity/secret, it is instead advisable to create a separate chamber containing your most important passwords, which you can readily download from your mobile app before switching on the Offline mode. To download your Favourites or a chamber of secrets, click on the icon that is displayed beside the particular item.

Offline Data

Once you are done using your downloaded secrets from the offline mode, you can also choose to delete all the offline data. To do so, go to 'Settings' (which is under 'Others' in the Slide-in menu) and select 'Offline Data' to clear off all saved data.

Clear Offline Data

F) Chambers and Secret Types:

Apart from filter options, the app also gives you access to the various chambers that you have stored in your Vault. Moreover, you can also look up passwords based on predefined or custom secret types created by you.

G) Easily copy secret details to your Clipboard:

By allowing you to copy any detail of any secret to your clipboard with ease, the app eliminates the need for you to type them manually in the concerned pages. To copy a secret's detail like username or password, click on the 'Copy' icon displayed beside that respective item.

Copy Password

H) Directly log in to sites from Vault:

This feature is available only for those secrets for which you have configured the 'Auto-Logon' function by saving the login page URL along with the username and password. If there does exist a corresponding URL for a secret, the same will be displayed when you select the secret from the mobile app. Clicking on the saved URL will open the login page and either auto-fill or auto-submit the credentials depending on the site's security settings.

I) Password Generator:

You can find this option under the 'Others' sub-head in the slide-in menu. Password generator is especially useful when you have to reset passwords of secrets that have been stored in Vault. Using this generator, you can create new passwords based on the policy defined by the Vault administrator, copy them and reset your old passwords from the concerned sites.

Password Generator

J) Enable Password prompt into Apps:

Normally, when you click on the login page URL of a secret from your Vault app, the web page is opened and the credentials are either auto-filled or auto-submitted. Now, however, you can configure your Vault app to auto-fill usernames and passwords on other apps present in this device, if the credentials are stored in Zoho Vault. To activate this option, go to Settings and check 'Enable Password Prompt into Apps' given under 'Auto Filling Apps'. Once you check the box, the app will direct you on how to activate this setting.

Enable Password Prompt