Survey Editor

If you select a blank survey start by adding questions to your survey.
If you select a survey template, use the Survey Editor to make changes to the template to bring out the style you need for your survey.

Create questions easily with survey editor

Each survey has an objective, which means that it is important to decide how to get your information. In order to get the best information possible, there are various question types available with Zoho Survey. Steps to create questions and make changes are detailed below:

To add a question

  1. Click on add question
  2. Choose question type e.g. Star Rating
  3. Type out a question in the question text box
  4. Based on the question type, you need to indicate or type your answer choices
  5. To make a question mandatory to answer, tick the check box against require an answer to this. The require error message appears
  6. Require error message – If required you can edit or type out a new message in the box. This message will appear when respondents try to move to the next question without providing an answer which is mandatory.
  7. Click Save.

Note: You can change the question type by clicking on the dropdown at “Change Question Type”

  • The choices for change are related to the question type you have selected. For e.g If you selected Rating scale (multiple choice) as the question type, you can change it to variants in the multiple choice type questions only. Select an option from the drop down.

Question hint

Add hints to your question and help your respondents get a clear idea on what your questions are all about. This feature is optional and is available only for certain types of questions. 

To add a question hint

  1. Select a question type for your survey.

    Note: These question types do not support question hint: Demographic, Full Name Textbox, Copy From Other Survey, and Heading/descriptive Text.

  2. Select the Question hint check box.
  3. In the Question Hint Message box, type the hint to your question.

  4. Click Save.

To insert a question

  • Hover over the question above or below where you want to insert a new question
  • Click on Insert question
  • Select the type of question you would like to add

To edit a question or answer choice

  • Hover over the question that needs to be edited
  • Click on edit
  • Edit question and/or answer choices

To copy a question

To use a question multiple times on your survey in different pages, you can copy the question.

  • Hover over the question that needs to be copied
  • Click on copy
  • Select where you want to put the question
  • Click on Paste here button

To move a question

Once questions are created it is easy to change the order of your questions on the survey.

  • Hover over the question that needs to be moved
  • Click on move
  • Scroll to where you want to move the question
  • Click on Move here button.

To delete a question

To remove questions from the survey, use delete

  • Hover over the question that needs to be deleted
  • Click on delete
  • In the dialog box that appears, click yes, delete this item

Add pages to organize your survey

To add a page

  • Click on Add page
  • Type your page name
  • Give the page a description.
  • Click Save.

Hover over the icons to select an action.

To edit a page

Make changes to your page at any time. Hover over the icons on the right hand side to select an action.

  • Click on the pencil icon
  • Edit title and description
  • Click Save

To copy a page

When you want to duplicate a page that you create you can copy the page.

  • Click on the copy icon
  • Look for the area where you want your page to be
  • Click on the Paste here button

To move a page

The order of survey pages can be changed by moving them.

  • Click on the Move icon
  • Scroll to the area to where you want to move the page
  • Click on the Move here button

To delete a page

To remove a page from your survey, use delete

  • Click on the x icon
  • In the dialog box that appears, click on 'Yes, delete'

To edit survey title

To change the survey title, follow these simple steps

  • Click on the pencil icon by the side of the Survey Title
  • Type out the new title in the bar
  • Hit Enter

To View all your Surveys

View a list of all your published and unpublished surveys under My Surveys when you login to Zoho Survey. Access all your created surveys from here.

While editing a survey you can access all your surveys by clicking on My Survey.

Hover over a survey from the list to Edit, Preview, View Report or Trash the Survey.

Trash Surveys

When you have unused surveys, you can use the Trash option to trash them. Unlike the conventional Delete option, the new trash feature in Zoho Survey helps you to either restore the item or permanently remove the item from the builder.

To delete a survey

  1. On the Zoho Survey home page, click My Surveys.​
  2. To find the survey you want to delete, you can also click the Filter By option.
  3. Hover the mouse over the survey you want to delete.
  4. Click Trash. The survey is moved to trash.

  5. If you want to restore a survey you deleted, click Filter By and select Trash.
  6. Click Restore against the survey you want to recover.

To delete a question

  1. The trashed questions are displayed under Trashed Items.
  2. Navigate to the survey builder.
  3. In the Edit section, click Delete against the question.

  4. Click Trashed Items. The deleted questions and custom variables are separated by respective sections.
  5. If you want to permanently delete the items from trash, click Empty Trash.
    Or, if you want to delete selected items, you can use the Delete option against each item.
  6. To restore an item, click Restore.


Note: A survey cannot be retrieved after it is deleted from Trash.