Support Help

Products List Views

Zoho Support provides you with a list of pre-defined and customizable list views for displaying Products according to your requirements. The Pre-defined views available for Products are - 

  • All Products & 
  • My Products (will list the products added by you)

You can select these pre-defined views from the Views drop-down in the Products List page.

Custom View

You can create custom list views by defining criteria as per your requirement. Views created by users will be listed under the Custom Views section in the Views drop down list. To create custom views, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Click the view addition icon displayed on clicking the current view.
  2. In the Create New View page, enter the information as listed below:
    • Enter View Name.
    • Select Field Criteria.
    • Select Accessibility Details between
      • All Agents are allowed to view this Custom View.
      • Show this Custom View only to me.
      • Allow the following users to view this Custom View.
        Using this you can select Roles, Roles and Subordinate, Groups and Agents.
    • Choose the user in the Available column and click Add.
  3. Click Save.


  • You can also combine two or more field criteria to create a pattern using "Add" or "OR" functions.