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View Accounts

Views are of two types: Predefined (standard view) and Agent Created View (New View). Using View, you can see the list of Accounts based on the Account type selected.

Predefined View

A list of predefined views are available on the left pane in Accounts Home Page. Listed below are the predefined views that cannot be modified or deleted.

  • All Accounts
  • Unread Accounts
  • My Accounts
  • New This Week
  • New Last Week
  • Recently Created Accounts
  • Recently Modified Accounts
  • Recently Viewed Accounts

Agent Created View

You can also create new views in addition to the aforementioned default views.

  1. Click Accounts tab.
  2. Click Create New View from the left pane in Accounts Home page.
  3. In the Create New View page, enter the below fields:
    • Enter View Name.
    • Select Field Criteria.
    • Select Accessibility Details from -
      • All Agents are allowed to view this Custom View.
      • Show this Custom View only to me.
      • Allow the following users to view this Custom View.
        Select this option to display this view to specific Roles, Roles and Subordinates, Groups and Agents.
  4. Select the users from the Available list and click Add.
  5. Click Save.


  • You can also combine two or more field criteria and create a pattern with "Add" or "OR" functions.