Support Help

Sorting Contacts

You can do the sorting in ascending or descending order and also after performing the Advanced Search or selecting View type. In this case, the sorting is done for the selected search item or view item.

  1. In the Contacts Home Page, move your mouse pointer over the Sort by Menu.
  2. Sort the Contactsby selecting any of the below options:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Account Name
    • Created Time
    • Modified Time

The sorted Contact appears which is displayed in the ascending or descending order. Please note to sort by Contacts owner, there is another option:

  1. Just move your mouse pointer over Contact Owner menu in Contacts Home Page.
  2. Choose an agent's user id.
    The list displays the Contacts created or owned by the particular agent.

You can sort the contracts in either ascending or descending order. Move your mouse pointer on Sort By and click or that appears to sort in ascending or descending order.