Individual Connection Details

Individual Connection Details

You can view a Connection's details to see all of their profile information and interactions in one place. 

It's important not only to keep track of who's engaging with your Brand, but also to build rapport and grow your relationship with them. The Connection details section helps you learn more about a Connection, see their profile info and interactions, and even tweet and comment to them.

To view a Connection's details:

1. Go to the Connections tab on the left panel.
2. Click a Connection to view, add, or edit their details:

  • Personal Information: Phone, Mobile, Website, Location, and Description.
  • Social Channels: Associate your Brand with their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ pages and profiles.

3. Select the Interactions tab to the right of the Connection's profile to display all the ways this Connection has engaged with your Brand's social channels.

  • Each social media tab shows your Connection's posts and interactions for all channels under each specific social network (available for Twitter, Google+, and Instagram; Facebook and LinkedIn networks are not supported because of API restrictions). You can engage with them from here by liking and commenting on their posts or tweeting at them directly. The Twitter tab will show your Connection's tweets, followers, likes and those being followed 
  • The Instagram tab will show all your Connection's posts.
  • The Google+ tab will show your Connection's timeline.

(Note: When someone follows you on Twitter or Instagram but does not engage with your Brand, they will still be added to Connections, but you will not see their activity under the Interactions tab.)


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