Conversations and Context

Conversations and Context

To help you get the complete picture of what's happening in the social space, Monitor has these three features :

  • Hashtag pop-up
  • User pop-up
  • Conversation View

Hashtag Popup

Whenever you see a hashtag that catches your eye, you can find all the tweets and posts that are using that hashtag across social networks. Say, when someone from Zylker Travels spots a hashtag like #wanderlust and wants to see what people are saying about it. She can click on the hashtag and will see a popup like this:

She can find out if that hashtag is popular and what it's being used for. If it's a very popular hashtag, she could use this in her social media posts and catch her audience's attention. Try it out.

User Popup

Same applies for a user. If you see a user you'd like to know more about, click on their username. You can see all the information about this user - their social media profile, the tweets, their likes, who their followers are, and who they're following.

For example, if someone from Zylker Travel notices that a user has made a travel related post, she clicks on the username to know more. 

From this, she finds out that this user travels a lot and could be a potential customer. Knowledge is power! She could start engaging with this user and spark up a conversation. 

Conversation view

Speaking of conversations, you can see the entire thread in all your twitter columns. This threaded view will now give you more context for every conversation that you choose to take forward. You can engage right away by liking, re-tweeting or replying to the original tweet, or just continue the thread by talking about something fresh and interesting.

To view the entire thread, click on View Conversation

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