Connection Views

Connection Views 

There are seven views you can use to see particular kinds of Connections. The five basic views are available to all Zoho Social members:

  • All Connections: Everyone who has interacted with your brand.
  • Recently Engaged: Only Connections who have engaged with your brand recently.
  • Most Engaged: Only Connections who interact with your brand more often than most.
  • Followers: Only Connections who follow your brand on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Following: Only Connections your brand follows on Twitter and Instagram.

Note: All Connections, Recently Engaged, and Most Engaged are based on engagements; they include only your followers and not the ones followed by your brand.

If you also use Zoho CRM, you can integrate it with Zoho Social to see two more views of your Connections:

  • CRM Leads: Connections who have provided their contact information and have the potential to be converted into CRM Contacts.
  • CRM Contacts: Leads that you have already contacted and have ongoing interactions with. 

 (Learn more about Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Social.)

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