Bulk Scheduler

Bulk Scheduler 

A strong social media presence is based on publishing good content regularly. So if you have a lot of content that's ready to be published, or you're unavailable to publish posts regularly during times like vacations, you can use the Bulk Scheduler. 
Schedule up to 350 posts across networks. All you have to do is upload a .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX file with the dates, times, and your content. 
To schedule posts in bulk: 
1. Click Posts.
2. Under New Post, click Bulk Scheduler where it says "Schedule multiple posts with the Bulk Scheduler."

3. In the pop-up window, click Browse File... and select the spreadsheet with your posts. 
4. Make sure your spreadsheet matches the formatting rules listed on the right. Under the Bulk Schedule Checklist, you'll find a template (.CSV and .XLSX) for the content spreadsheet that you can download and edit.
5. Click Schedule.

6. To see your bulk scheduled posts, go to Posts and click Scheduled posts. Select Bulk Scheduled Posts from the drop-down menu. 

7. You can filter displayed posts by the social network. Click All in the upper-right corner and choose a network.

8. To edit the content or time, click the ellipsis (three dots) icon and then click Edit. 
9. You can also choose to publish your post immediately. Click the ellipsis icon and then click Post Now.
10. To delete a post from the bulk scheduler before it goes live, go to Posts and click Scheduled Posts. Select Bulk Scheduled Posts from the drop-down. Click the checkbox next to the post and then click the trash icon that appears at the top of the screen. You can also click the ellipsis icon to find the delete option.

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