Bulk Scheduler

Bulk Scheduler 

A strong social media presence is based on being active and publishing relevant content. But you may not be around to publish posts live every day. If you have a lot of content that's ready to be published, but you're unavailable to publish them regularly or during times like vacations, you can use the Bulk Scheduler feature on Zoho Social. With this, you can advance schedule up to 350 posts at a timeacross all your social channels. All you have to do is upload a .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX file with the dates, times, and your content.

To schedule posts using Bulk Scheduler, go to the Posts tab and find the Schedule multiple posts with the Bulk Scheduler option under the New Posts button.

* There is no limit to number of posts you can bulk schedule. At any given point though, you can have only upto 350 scheduled posts in your publishing tray.

In the pop-up window, click Browse file... and select the spreadsheet you want to upload. Make sure that the file you upload is in line with the formatting rules specified on the right side of you screen. If you're unsure how it works, you can also download a sample .csv or .xlsx file and edit it accordingly. Click Schedule.

If the spreadsheet you've uploaded is not in the correct format, you will see an error message

Click the hyperlink “why" to see the file. Once you open the file, you'll see an additional column briefly describing why your posts couldn't be scheduled. Once you fix the spreadsheet, upload it again and all your posts will be scheduled.

Bulk Schedule from Calendar:

Alternatively, you can also use the Publishing Calendar to Bulk Schedule posts. To do this, simply click on the Calendar under the Views Column in the Posts tab. From the Calendar view, click on the New Post drop-down menu and click 'Bulk Schedule'

Viewing and Editing Scheduled Posts

To view the posts that you've scheduled, head over to the Posts tab. You can track the Scheduled Posts under the Views column on the right or alternatively, from the Publishing Calendar. All scheduled posts are displayed by default, but you can also use the filters to only view Custom Scheduled Posts, Bulk Scheduled Posts, Smart Scheduled Posts, or Repeat Scheduled Posts.

Once you find the post that you want to edit, click the ellipsis button towards the right. From here, you'll be able to publish the post immediately, change the content or scheduled date of the post, delete the post, or discuss it in the collaborate tab.


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