Presenter App

Presenter App

What is the Presenter app? How can I get it?

The Presenter app is currently available for Android and iOS devices. Download the Presenter app to control and deliver presentations from anywhere in the hall using your mobile phone. You need not be tied to a podium. You can receive instant feedback and rating from your audience, and measure your performance with the audience engagement level and detailed analytics.

How do I import my presentation from my mobile device to a laptop without signing into my Zoho account on the laptop?

  • Open ShowTime Presenter app.
  • Log in to your Zoho account.
  • Select the presentation you would like to present.
  • Click > Present Now.
  • Set the Audience Key.
  • Share your location (if desired).
  • Enter "" on a laptop. To scan the QR code click QR code or to enter PIN, click enter PIN.

  • Scan the code or enter PIN on your phone.

Where can I view the engagement meter on the ShowTime Presenter app?

The engagement meter icon is present on the left bottom corner of the screen. Improve the audience engagement while you deliver a talk.

How can I jump between slides from the ShowTime Presenter app while I present?

If you are running out of time to finish your presentation to jump between slides directly you can use this Slide options.This will contain details such as the Slide number along with slide heading.

Click the Slide button at the right bottom corner of the screen to skip to a particular slide.

How do I navigate between slides while I present using the Presenter app?

To navigate to the next and previous slide from the ShowTime Presenter app swipe between the screens.

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