Change Operator Role

How to change the Operator's Role?

  1. In the Settings > Operators section, hover over the operator you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon to edit. Or click the operator’s name and from their page.

2.Click Edit at the top right corner.

3.Select your required Role from the list.

4.Click on the Update to save your changes.

Operator roles and permissions:

FeaturesAdministrator  SupervisorAssociate    
Making changes to Zoho SalesIQ  
View operators' profiles✔ (co-supervisors/associates)✔ (co-associates)
Access information
Edit configurations  
View data inside your operation
Connect and chat with customers
Deliver solutions
Edit/Delete data  
Monitor chats of other operators 
Add/Remove new members  
Approve IP blocking  
View performance reports 
Changing operator roles  
Set operator concurrent chat limits  
Operator chat window configuration  
Share URL
Send files to visitors
Email the visitor information  
Visitor chat transcript
Operator availability configuration
Purchase Zoho SalesIQ✔ (Portal owner)  
Edit/Modify company details  
Customize filters to prioritize visitors
Create custom views in Visitor History
View list of operators in the company
View all departments  
View associated departments
Block IPs
Change owner  
Assign chats to operators  
Associate operators to departments  
Add a new website 
Create Canned responses
Create Articles
Add new departments  
Intelligent Triggers  
Visitor Routing  
Chat Routing  
Email Schedules  
Enable/Disable Integrations  
Framing trigger and routing rules  
        Settings Tab Access
Portal Settings  
Blocked IPs
Automation✔(Only Chat Monitor) 
Lead Scoring  
View Zoho SalesIQ Integrations 
       Modules Accessible
Visitors Online
Visitor History
Chat History
My Profile✔.
Purchase✔ (Portal Owner)  

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