Block Spammers IP

Blocking Spammers and Harassers from their Source

Sadly, not everyone who initiates a live chat with your Zoho SalesIQ will be a customer or interested visitor. Sometimes you will find spammers or other harassing personalities will attempt to annoy you by conducting non-genuine live chats with your agents.

When you encounter these problem visitors, we want to ensure they don’t ever waste another second of your valuable time. Cut them off by blocking their IP address from initiating future chat requests. Both administrators and agents have the power to blacklist a specific IP address, while an administrator must approve an agent’s action first.


  • Visitors from the black-listed IP addresses cannot access your embedded chat widgets in Zoho SalesIQ.
  • IP blocking has to be approved by a operator with supervisor or administrator role, if the operator with associate role blocks it.
  • You can block a specific IP addresses from either one embed, or from all your embeds, depending upon the reason for the blacklist.

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