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Live Chat integration with Google analytics

Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Google analytics and track how your live chat operations contribute to your goals. See all interactions of your live chat operations with your visitors and track its effectiveness. SalesIQ gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your live chat platform.

Once you have pasted the Zoho SalesIQ script into your webpages, the script will automatically detect the Google analytics code available in your website. If everything is in place, Zoho SalesIQ will start reporting events to your GA automatically. All you have do is enable Google analytics in the embed settings.

Setting up Zoho SalesIQ with Google Analytics

Once you have pasted the Zoho SalesIQ code into your website follow the below instruction to enable the integration and to push your live chat events data to your Google analytics

  • Login to your Zoho SalesIQ.
  • Click "Settings".
  • In the Integrations section, click Google Analytics.
  • Hover over the " Track in analytics" section, and click "Edit".
  • Then click “Enable Integration” button to start pushing the data into you GA account.

What are the events tracked in Google Analytics?

The below are the list of events tracked in your Google analytics

Button ClickedNumber of clicks on the Zoho SalesIQ chat button.
Chat ClosedNumber of clicks on the Close (X) icon in the chat window.
Chat MinimizedNumber of clicks to minimize the Zoho SalesIQ chat window.
Bubble ClosedNumber of clicks on the Close(X) icon on the chat bubble.
Chat ConnectedNumber of chat sessions with the visitors.
Chat EndedNumber of chats ended by the visitors.
File TransferredNumber of file transfers made by the visitors.
Chat PrintedNumber of chat transcripts printed by the visitors.
Chat Mail SentNumber of chat transcripts emailed by the visitor.
Rating submittedNumber of ratings submitted by visitors.
Feedback submittedNumber of feedback messages submitted by visitors.
Chat TriggeredNumber of auto and proactive chat initiated to the visitors.
Chat InitiatedNumber of visitor initiated chats.
Offline Message SubmittedNumber of offline messages submitted by the visitors.
Chat MissedNumber of chats missed by the SalesIQ users.
Chat Ended by visitorNumber of chats ended by the visitors.

Accessing your Zoho SalesIQ live chat events on Google Analytics.

  • Log in to your GA account.
  • Click on “Reporting” on the top then choose “Behaviour” from the left sidebar.
  • Click “ Events”.
  • Select the “Top Events” and select “Sales IQ” from the top events.
  • The graphs here indicates the amount of SalesIQ Live Chat events activity on your website.

  • Scroll down further to see the list of events.

How to see the pages which gets the most chats events.

  • Log in to your GA account.
  • Click on “Reporting” on the top then choose “Behaviour” from the left sidebar.
  • Click “Pages” then select the page of which you like to see the report.
  • Now select SalesIQ from the list to see all the Live Chat events from the page.

How to see the live chat events in real time?

  • Log in to your GA account.
  • Click on “Reporting” the top then choose “Real- Time” from the left sidebar.
  • Now select the events from the list under the real-time.
  • Click on the SalesIQ to see the Live Chats events in real time.

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