How to set chat triggers to the website visitors from a specific email campaign?

How to set chat triggers to the website visitors from a specific email campaign?

You can set a special trigger to the visitors visiting your website from the email campaigns you have sent.

  • Naviagte to Settings > Automation > Intelligent Triggers > Add.
  • Specify a name for your trigger rule.
  • Choose a website on which the trigger rule should be activated.
  • Choose when would you like to execute this trigger to the visitor in "When the visitor" section.
  • Now select Zoho Campaigns condition in And if section.
  • The emails campaigns sent from your Zoho Campaigns will be listed in the next drop-down. Choose an email campaign.
  • Then choose an action based on which you would like to trigger the website visitor.
  • Select the type of trigger action you would like to perform to the website visitor in the drop-down.

Now when the visitor visits your website from the specified email campaign, then the action you have set (open chat window) will be triggered

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