Amplify the value of every other conversation that your users have with your visitors by integrating Salesforce - CRM with your SalesIQ account, as Salesforce improvises every nuance of customer relationship management. Salesforce records, accumulates, manipulates and manages the visitor data efficiently by drawing out valuable information out of the raw data procured. The information extracted is held in a common reserve thus every other user of the firm will have access to it, thus an user need not make a big study about the visitor by scrutinizing the details about him/her beforehand to understand the visitor's needs and assist them better, thus reducing the response time. Moreover, Salesforce automates a few tasks to take the big burdens like filling form data, generating reports, addressing certain legal issues, setting up follow up tasks for the visitors and remind the users periodically about the coming up events etc., off the users' shoulders thus leaving their focus over visitor's assistance undisturbed. 

The following sections would elaborately explain how your SalesIQ account can be integrated with Salesforce - CRM account and what all benefits that you could gain out of it.

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