Clearbit - Enrichment

Clearbit (Enrichment)

You can integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Clearbit (Enrichment) and pull the up-to-date company info of the website visitors based on their email address in the Zoho SalesIQ chat window. Also, push the details you receive about your visitor from clearbit enrichment into the Zoho CRM by mapping the fields during integration. Not only the company info will be displayed on the chat window, but you can view the visitor’s linked profile, facebook page, crunch base page, company name, description, location, size, net worth and much more in a click. Using which, you can set automation rules, customize your visitor rings and route visitors/chats to the operators based on the company info.

Why should I integrate with both Clearbit (Reveal) and Clearbit (Enrichment)?

The difference is, Clearbit (Reveal) pulls the company info of the website visitors based on their IP address. Whereas, Clearbit (Enrichment) pulls the visitor’s company information based on their email address. You can choose the integration based on your business needs.


This integration is available for Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans. Also the 15-day Trial users of Zoho SalesIQ can avail, but the integration will automatically disable after the trial when it switch to the free plan.

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