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Email views in Zoho SalesInbox

Access Email Views in Zoho SalesInbox

Zoho SalesInbox offers you a handful of Email Views in order to further help you manage your email communication efficiently.

In order be able to access Email Views, you must have enabled Email Insights in Zoho CRM. Email insights will give you complete statistics about the performance of your emails - the number of opens, clicks, responses, unopened emails, bounces and so on.

With the help of email insights in Zoho CRM, SalesInbox displays emails based on parameters such as email opens and responses. So in a single glance, you can see all the emails that have not been read by you, not opened by your customer, not replied by your customer and so on. Read on to find out what the various email views are.

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Emails that you have recieved in your Inbox but not yet opened and read are displayed here.


Emails that you have sent to customers but not yet opened by them are displayed here.

Not Responded

Emails sent, which have been opened by your customers but not yet responded to by them are displayed here.

Not Replied

Emails that you have received and read, but not yet sent a reply are displayed here.

All messages

All messages, regardless of whether they have been opened, clicked, replied to etc are displayed in this view.


  • These views are default views offered in Zoho SalesInbox and cannot be deleted or customized.
  • These views (except for Unread and All emails) will become unavailable if you disable Email Insights in CRM.

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