SalesInbox for Web - An Overview

SalesInbox is an intelligent tool for email, which seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM to combine email and CRM information in one place. SalesInbox automatically populates work email into the respective columns based on CRM data, which helps in keeping mailboxes organized for salespeople.


Prioritized email

Segregate emails automatically into columns namely Deals, Contacts & Leads, Not in CRM and Colleagues, based on CRM data. Integration with Zoho CRM SalesInbox seamlessly syncs with Zoho CRM, and related emails are simultaneously pulled from CRM data and updated in SalesInbox as and when they are sent/received, in their respective columns. SalesInbox helps to segregate work-related email from the other email, thereby helping a salesperson set his priorities and focus on what is important.

Hands-free organization

SalesInbox is a personal assistant that saves time and effort by categorizing email from leads/contacts, colleagues, and non-CRM related senders.

Avoid clutter

With spontaneous sorting of email into various sections, dividing the work-related mail into columns based on data from Zoho CRM, mailboxes are freed from clutter and meaningless communications.

Close deals in lesser time

SalesInbox highlights the more important emails through segregation, thereby helping to scale down on the amount of time a salesperson would normally spend in sifting through his email looking for customer accounts. Important deals can thus be closed faster.

Avoid shuttling between CRM and email

SalesInbox solves the problem of going back to Zoho CRM for adding a lead/contact or assigning a new deal or task after receiving an email from a likely customer. It can be done from within the same window.

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