SalesInbox for Mobile - An Overview

The advent of smartphones has ensured that your work is no longer confined to a single place. Configuring an email account on your mobile device enables you to work easily with emails on the move.

However, if you are salesperson trying to work with emails on your mobile device, it is very likely that you are lost in a maze, which is your Inbox. It’s rather difficult to hunt down mails of importance, especially when you are on the move.

Enter SalesInbox for Mobile, which offers the ever-valuable sales context to your emails. It’s rather the lighthouse for salespeople who are lost in a sea of emails! It helps you prioritize emails based on the people who sent them, the sales tasks and sales activities associated to them.

With SalesInbox for Mobile, you will be working with emails that matter – on the move.

Bringing CRM Intelligence to Emails

On configuring SalesInbox in the email application of your mobile device, you will be able to view contextual CRM information of the sender along with their email content.

For instance, consider the sample screenshot presented above. When Patricia checks this mail in her mobile, she will be able to understand that Jasmine is a customer with a potential deal worth $60,000 in the pipeline. It also tells her about an upcoming event and the closing date of the potential. With these important details about Jasmine, Patricia is well informed and in a better position to attend to Jasmine’s mail.

When Patricia replies to Jasmine from her mobile, SalesInbox will remove this additional information strip before the mail is sent to Jasmine’s inbox.

Email Prioritization

Besides offering CRM info with emails, SalesInbox also categorizes emails into default CRM based folders. In addition to the default folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, you will begin seeing CRM based folders – Closing This Month, Deals and Customers. When mails are categorized in these folders, you will be able to decide which mails to open first. This way you are able top prioritize emails right from the moment you receive them on your mobile.

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