Working with Forecasts

Forecasts play a crucial part in the financial planning of your business. Recruitment forecasting is projecting the short-term and long-term recruitment performance of a company.

Recruitment forecasts are an important measurement of your company's growth and success. Factors such as previous recruitment forecasts and revenue, competition, economic conditions, hiring team and their performances, industry trends are considered while predicting monthly or quarterly targets. If your company meets consecutive forecasts, then you are assured that the company is growing!

Forecasts in Zoho Recruit provides a real-time insight to tracking hiring and helps your organization fine-tune the processes and monitor hiring pipeline. It provides an overall picture of the company's recruitment pipeline, as well as individual performances of the team.


Permission Required: Access to the Forecasts Tab. Territory/Role Managers & Administrators can create forecasts.

Understanding Forecasts in Zoho Recruit

  • You have to define the start and end month of your organization's financial year, before you create forecasts.
  • The new Forecasts are based on either Role Hierarchy or Territory Hierarchy. We recommend you to switch to the new improved forecasts for more forecasting options. See Also Switch to New Forecasts 
  • Role Hierarchy- You can create forecasts based on the role hierarchy in your organization's Recruit account.
  • Territory Hierarchy - You can create forecasts and set targets for territories and it’s users based on territory hierarchy, only if territory management is enabled in your organization's Recruit account. See Also Territory Management 
  • Details you will need, to create a forecast the very first time:
    • Forecast's Period (Monthly/Quarterly).
    • The month the Financial year begins.
    • Field values based on which forecast targets are set.
  • You can create one forecast for every quarter/month.
  • In each quarterly/monthly forecast, you can set targets for the following:
    • Roles/Territories
    • Roles/Territories Managers
    • Users in the roles/territories

Forecasts in Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers sales forecast options based on roles and territories.
Old Forecast based on Role Hierarchy  | New Forecast based on Role Hierarchy  | New Forecast based on Territory Hierarchy 

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