Activating Zoho Recruit from Google Apps

Zoho Recruit for Google Apps is available in the Google Apps Marketplace. Google Apps users with Super Administrator role can activate Zoho Recruit service for your organization.

To activate Zoho Recruit for Google Apps:

  1. Log in to Google Apps with Super Administrator's privilege
  2. In the Google Apps Dashboard page, click Add more services.
  3. In the Google Services page, under the Other Services section, click Shop the Marketplace.
  4. In the Google Solutions Marketplace, search for the Zoho Recruit application.
  5. In the Zoho Recruit application page, click Add it Now and enter your Google Apps domain name.
  6. In the Agree to terms of service page, review the Zoho Recruit terms of service and click I agree. Continue.
  7. In the Grant data access page, review the list of Google data APIs and click Grant data access.
  8. In the Enable the app page, click Enable app now.
  9. The Zoho Recruit application will be added to the dashboard and Google universal navigation.

To create Zoho Recruit account, follow these steps

  1. Log in to Google Apps with Super Administrator privilege.
  2. In the Google Apps Dashboard, or Google universal navigation, click Zoho Recruit application.
  3. In the Welcome to Zoho Recruit page, select Enable Zoho Recruit access to Google Apps user and click Start.
  4. Zoho Recruit account will be created for your Google Apps domain.

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