Zoho Recruit API

Important Note: Users who have signed up for Zoho Recruit after 21st January 2015, please refer the following help link:

Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System provides API (Application Programming Interface) to all its partners, customers and developers. Now you can integrate Zoho Recruit modules with any Zoho services, third party applications, portals or websites, and customize as per your needs. With Zoho Recruit API you can extract Zoho Recruit data in XML or JSON format. Our API is available in all editions.

You can use Zoho Recruit API to integrate the following types of Application:

1) Zoho Services
2) Third-party applications

Zoho Recruit supports the following API methods:

Note: Zoho Recruit API's support https protocol only.

How to Generate Auth Token?

To generate the Auth Token, you need to send an authentication request to Zoho Accounts using the URL format below.

URL Format

API Mode Username or Email&PASSWORD=Zoho Password

Using Two Factor Authentication?

If you're using the two factor authentication to access your Zoho Recruit account, follow these steps to generate the Auth Token in API mode:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit.
  2. Open
  3. In the Zoho Accounts Home page, click Two Factor Authentication.
  4. In the Two Factor Authentication page, click on the Manage Application Specific Passwords.
  5. In the Application Specific Passwords pop-up, specify these details:
    1. Device or App Name
    2. Current Password
    3. Click on Generate
    4. You will receive the new application specific password with spaces.
  6. Remove the spaces in password and include in the below URL:

For more information, please refer Two Factor Authentication help page.

Browser Mode

Parameters to be passed along with this URL are:

Parameter Description
EMAIL_ID Specify your Zoho Recruit Username or Email ID
SCOPE Specify the value as zohopeople/recruitapi
PASSWORD Specify your Zoho Recruit Password


If you are a Google Apps User, you can log into your Recruit account and then use the browser mode format to generate the Authentication Token.

Sample Response

#Wed Feb 29 03:07:33 PST 2012


The Auth Token can be used in all your API calls.
You need to be logged into your Zoho Recruit account to use the Browser Mode.


Here's an example to fetch records: