getSearchRecords Method

  1. Purpose
  2. Request URL
  3. Request Parameters
  4. Job Opening Specific Parameter
  5. Regular Expressions
  6. Examples
    1. Example 1
    2. Example 2
    3. Example 3
    4. Example with equal(=)
    5. Example with less than(<)
    6. Example with contains
    7. Example with starts with
    8. Example with ends with 


You can use this method to search records by the expressions of the selected columns.

Request URL

XML Format Token&scope=recruitapi

JSON Format Token&scope=recruitapi

Note: Module refers to Candidates, JobOpenings, Clients, Interviews, Contacts, CustomModule1, CustomModule2, CustomModule3, CustomModule4, and CustomModule5.

Request Parameters


ParameterData TypeDescription
authtoken*StringEncrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials.
selectColumns*StringModule(optional columns) i.e, Candidates(Last Name,Website,Email) OR All
searchCondition*XML(Created By|=|username)
newFormatInteger (1 or 2)newFormat=1: To exclude fields with "null" values while inserting data from your Recruit account.
newFormat=2: To include fields with "null" values while inserting data from your Recruit account.
fromIndexIntegerDefault value - 1
toIndexIntegerDefault value - 20
Maximum value - 200
version*Integerversion = 2: This will fetch responses based on the latest API implementation.

 * - Mandatory parameter

Job Opening Specific Parameter


ParameterData TypeDescription

Set the value as true to get the Job Detail URL and Job Apply URL. By default, this value is false.

Note: Job URLs appear only when the job is published in Publish in Website.



Regular Expressions

While using this method, ensure selectColumns and searchCondition parameters are set as mandatory. You can specify the following expressions in API request:

  • is OR =
  • isn't OR <>
  • contains(*srcString*)
  • starts with(srcString*)
  • ends with(*srcString)
  • doesn't contain
  • < OR is before
  • > OR is after
  • <=
  • =>


Example 1 

If you want to select Last Name, Current Employer, Email, Mobile from Candidates and Email should contain "", Search API request should be as given below: Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Current Employer,Email,Mobile)&searchCondition=(Email|contains|**)

Example 2

If you want to select Last Name, Email, Website, Experience in Years from Candidates and Experience in Years should be greater than 2, Search API request should be as given below: Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Email,Website,Experience in Years)&searchCondition=(Experience in Years|>|2)

Example 3

If you want to select Last Name, Email from Candidates and Company should start with "Zoho", then the search API request should be as given below: Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Email)&searchCondition=(Current Employer|starts with|Zoho*)

Example with equal(=) Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(First Name,Last Name,Email)&searchCondition=(Email|=|

Example with less than(<)

Note: Replace null value Integer fields with "0". Integer fields with no value will not be included in the search. Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Email,Current Employer)

Example with contains Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Email,Current Employer)
&searchCondition=(Current Employer|contains|*oho*)

Example with starts with Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Email,Current Employer)
&searchCondition=(Current Employer|starts with|zoho*)

Example with ends with Token&scope=recruitapi&version=2&newFormat=1&selectColumns=Candidates(Last Name,Email,Current Employer)
&searchCondition=(Current Employer|ends with|*zoho)