associateJobopening Method

  1. Purpose
  2. Request URL
  3. Request Parameters
  4. Example 


You can use this method to associate candidates to job openings in Zoho Recruit.

Important: Use the POST method to pass these parameters instead of GET method.

Request URL

XML Format Token&scope=recruitapi

JSON Format Token&scope=recruitapi

Request Parameters


ParameterData TypeDescription
authtoken*StringEncrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials.
scope*StringSpecify the value as recruitapi.
jobIds*StringSpecify uniqueID of the Job Opening record.
candidateIds*StringSpecify candidate ids separated by comma to associate with the above jobId.
version*IntegerUse version=2: This will fetch responses based on the latest API implementation
statusStringSpecify the status of the Candidate with the associated Job opening.
By default, "Associated" will be the status on association.
commentsStringSpecify the comments for the association.

  * - Mandatory parameter


To associate Job Opening in Zoho Recruit using third-party applications.

URL Format: Token&scope=recruitapi&jobIds=292114000000087156,292114000000087140


Response Format:

<response uri="/recruit/private/xml/Candidates/associateJobOpening">
<message>Candidate(s) associated successfully</message>
<FL val="jobIds">
<FL val="candidateIds">292114000000139404,292114000000139403</FL>