Getting Started Guide

Web To Issue Form

Clients can report issues from their websites with the simple to use Web to Issue Form.

  1. Navigate to   >  Issue Settings  >  Customization and select Web To Issue Form.
  2. Click here to create your first Web to Issue form link will open the form.
  3. Enter a Form Name.
  4. Give a Return URL. Users will be redirected to this page after they submit the form.
  5. Enter the Form/Web page Url where the form is to be hosted.
  6. Select a default Flag for the issue.
  7. Choose Default Fields to capture data as per the project requirements.
  8. Click Generate iFrame.
  9. Copy the code and embed it in your website to host the Web To Issue Form.
    • Source HTML: Use this option to create a complete webpage.
    • Embed: Use this option to embed the issue form along with your webpage.
    • iFrame: Use this option to get an iFrame to host on your webpage.

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