Project Templates

Project templates can help you manage your work more efficiently. You don't have to repeatedly enter the same tasks, and can thus save time and be more productive. Project Templates can be accessed from the project list view or from the setup page.

Navigate to Projects and select Project Templates from the drop-down. You can also navigate to > Portal Configuration > Templates > Projects and access project templates.

In Zoho Projects, you can:

Create a template

Create project templates and use them in your upcoming projects. They save a lot of your time.

  1. Navigate to Projects and select the drop-down where you can find the list of categories.
  2. Click Project Templates and you can see the list of all the project templates.
  3. Click the New Project Template to create a new project template.
  4. Enter the Project Template Name, select the project that you want to make as a template in Choose from Projects, type your Project Overview and select the Post-event date. (Note: Post-event date is a custom field, so it is not mandatory to select the field. If you don't require the post-event date, you can choose Project Custom Fields and delete the post-event date field.)
  5. Click Add Project Template to create your new project template.

Just follow the above steps and convert any project into a project template.

You can make use of such templates and deal with similar projects in the future.


  • You must be a Portal Owner or an Admin to create project templates.

Edit / delete a template

  1. Navigate to Project Templates.
  2. Hover over the project template that you want to edit or delete.
  3. Click  and choose Edit Template or Trash Template to edit or delete the project template. 

Modify an existing project template

It is possible to edit project templates and make changes to the project modules like Tasks, Task lists, and Milestones to match your business needs.


  • While adding tasks in project templates, you can choose to start the tasks after few days, weeks, months or even hours after the scheduled project Start date.
  • Only if you have set your Task Duration in hours in your Module Configuration, the hrs option would be displayed in the task's Start After field.

Create a new project using a project template

  1. Navigate to Projects and click New Project in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select the existing project template in the Choose a Template field.
  3. Enter the Project Start Date of your project and fill in other details. 
  4. Click Add Project to proceed.

Set task dependencies in templates

Every task has a dependency using which the progress of the task accomplishes and setting task dependencies are a great way to make your work easy.  Set task dependencies for tasks using Duration and/or Start After values.


  • In task dependency view, the dependencies among tasks are set based on the Start After days set up in the project template.
  • The Seq.No for task dependency is based on the ascending order of the Start After time period.
  • For example, the task with Seq.No 6 can have predecessors from Seq.No 1 to 5, if the Start After time period of task 6 comes after the end day (Start After + Duration) of all the tasks from 1 to 5. 

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