Status and Workflow for issues

Customize the status of your issues to track them with ease. Status could be as simple as Open, In Progress and Resolved. Or go for multiple statuses as per your organization's requirement. You can even set the sequence to ensure the workflow is streamlined and no steps are missed out.

Add a Status

  1. Navigate to Projects >Issues >>Issue Settings.
  2. Select Customization and click Status & Workflow.
  3. Click Add Status.
  4. Enter a status name and select status type.
  5. Select the next logical status of the issue under Workflow.
  6. Click Add.

Modify a Status

You can change the status as per requirement. Click on Edit below the status and make the necessary changes.

Reorder Status

Configure the workflow by reordering the status. Click  and drag and drop the status to its required position. Click Save to confirm.

Delete Status

Status can be deleted if it is no longer required. Click Delete below the status. If any issue is currently associated with that status you will be prompted to change its status before you can delete.

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