Getting Started Guide

Create Projects

Get started with projects and collaborate with your team. Click Projects and click the Plus icon on the right side to create a New Project.


Specify the other project details and get started. And the new project is grouped in Recent Projects.

Project templates

You can create a new project or choose an existing project template.



  • If you create a project from an existing project template, the Project Start Date option is enabled.

For Example: In a project template, Task A has Start After as 2 days and a Duration of 5 days, then by selecting a new Project Start Date as Jan 15 2013, the Start Date of Task A will be shifted to Jan 17 2013 and the End Date will now be Jan 22 2013. The newly selected Project Start Date will automatically shift all your milestones, tasks, subtasks, forums and documents in the selected project template.

Project groups

You can create groups, to classify the various projects.

If required, click the Plus icon to create a new project group. You can create a new group, only if you are the Admin.



  • Currently, we do not support sub projects in our project management.

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