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Organize Files in Multi-level Folders

Organize your project files based on a category. You can group all your marketing collaterals in a folder and sales documents in another folder, so that it's easy to pick out them. You can add, edit and delete folders in Zoho Projects.

Folder View

When you navigate to Folders section, you will find a View By option in the upper right corner of the page, near New.

In View By, you can view the folders based on,

    • Name
    • Type / Kind
    • Last modified time
    • Views (List or Thumbnail)

Add a new folder

You can folders inside the Documents tab of Zoho Projects.

  1. Select Projects.
  2. Navigate to your project and select Documents in the left menu.
  3. Click New in the upper-right corner of the page.
  4. Select Folder.
  5. Enter the name for your folder and click Create.

Add a new subfolder

You can also create multi-level folders to segregate and classify files. You can also rename, remove, and view the folder details and access statistics. You can create nested folders and organize your project documents based on your business needs. 

  1. Navigate to Documents in the left menu from your project.
  2. Click Folders that is present below Favorites.
  3. Click the folder for which you have to create a subfolder.
  4. Right click the folder.
  5. Select Create Sub Folder.
  6. Enter the name for your subfolder and click Create.

Folder Operations

You can right click on any folder and choose to:

  • Create a subfolder
  • Share
  • Set as Favorite
  • Rename
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Duplicate
  • Download
  • Move to Trash
  • Show Info


  • All these folder operations remain the same as that of a file. Refer here

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