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My Milestones

The My Milestones view provides a consolidated list of all your milestones in various statuses and allows you to access the associated task lists, tasks and bugs. The milestones are classified into Active Milestones,Archive Milestones and Completed Milestones. You can view both the tasks and the bugs associated with milestones right within My Milestones.

 My milestones

  1. In Home, navigate to theMy Milestones widget to view the milestone list for all the projects.
  2. Click View More in the upper right to get the complete list of the milestones assigned to you.
  3. ​You can now group the milestones based on Project or Status. You can also export the milestones as a PDF file.

Click to filter the milestones based on their Owner or Status and click  to export them to a PDF file.

 Add a milestone

  1. Navigate to My Milestones.
  2. Click New Milestone to add a new milestone and assign it to any project.
  3. Select a Project to map the yet-to-be created milestone.
  4. Give a name for your Milestone.
  5. Set the Start and End dates.
  6. Decide Who Is Responsible for the milestone.
  7. Set the Milestone Flag. If the flag is Internal, the milestone will not be accessible to the client users. If it is External, it can be accessed by the client users.
  8. Click Save.

 Edit, Complete and Delete a Milestone

  1. Hover over a specific milestone.
  2. Click  to Edit, Complete, Delete orviewthe Release Notes accordingly.

To sort the results based on Milestone, Owner, Start DateDue Date, and Type , click  in the upper right corner of every section.

 Move milestone across projects

  1. Navigate to Home->My Milestones.
  2. Click a milestone from the widget directly or click View More in the upper right to access the other milestones.
  3. Edit, delete, move, complete or follow a milestone here.
  4. Hover over the milestone name; click  and select Edit.
  5. Navigate to the Move Milestone section.
  6. Select a different project to move the milestone.
  7. Click Move Milestone.

When you move a milestone, all its task list dependencies will be lost.

 Milestone and its associated task lists

Task lists for any selected milestone can be viewed right within the Milestonesdetails page. You can add a new task list, move a task list to another project or delete task lists. In addition you can click on a task list to view its tasks. Alternatively, you can also view the bugs associated with the milestone.

 Add task list

  1. Click a milestone to view its details.
  2. Click New TaskList to add a new task list.
  3. Give a TaskList Name. Here, you can create a new task list or associate an existing task list or choose from the list of templates.
  4. Click Add TaskList.

 Move task list

  1. Click a milestone to view its details. Here, you can move a task list from one project to another and also associate a new milestone to the task list.
  2. Select a task list to enable the Delete and Move options. You can move or delete a single task list or multiple task lists.
  3. To move, Select a Project and Choose a Milestone.
  4. Click Move.

 Milestone and its associated bugs

  1. In My Milestones, click a milestone and navigate to the Bugs section to view the consolidated list of bugs associated with the selected milestone.
  2. Click Add Bug to submit a new bug. You can edit an existing bug too.

 Task list actions

  1. Hover over a task list name.
  2. Click and then select an action. You can Edit, Delete, Complete, Follow and Print the task list.

A warning message is triggered when you complete a task list with open tasks.


In My Milestones, click a milestone to view its task list(s) and click the task list to view its tasks respectively. You can see all the tasks associated to the selected milestone in the Task Listdetails page.

 Add task

  1. To add a new task from the My Milestones view, click a specific milestone and land on its task list details page.
  2. Click New Task.
  3. Give a Task NameAdd Description; decide Who Is Responsible; set the Start DateEnd Date and the Priority. You can also create tasks without setting their End Dates, by specifying only the task duration.
  • You can also click open a task and edit it when needed.
  • Click to filter the tasks based on different criteria and click to sort them under various categories.

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