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Import your data from Basecamp into Zoho


We’re happy to announce a super simple way for you to get your data into Zoho Projects from Basecamp. With a couple of clicks you can free your data from Basecamp. We currently support migration from Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3. This feature is not available for Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One users.

Click here to learn about access privileges for importing from Basecamp.

Zoho Projects comes with a rich set of task management and collaboration features that let you do a lot more and allows you to efficiently import all your data from Basecamp. After the import is scheduled, you will receive an email notification about the import status.

How to get started with the Import process

You must login to and authenticate Basecamp to schedule import. The data will be successfully imported into Zoho Projects. However, if the data is not fetched successfully, you must retry and import your data again.

Things to remember after the data is imported in Zoho

As with all migrations, certain data attributes are modified to adapt to migration. The following are the data modifications while importing data from Basecamp into Zoho Projects:

BasecampZoho Projects


Text DocumentsDocuments
Progress or Activity StreamFeeds
Calendar Events

Project calendar events will be mapped with the respective projects.

General calendar events will be mapped under a separate project called "Calendar Events" in Zoho Projects.


  • You cannot import templates and attachments because of API limitations in Basecamp.
  • In Zoho Projects, we have user defined roles like Manager, Administrator, Employee, Contractor, etc. And based on this user permission you will be provided access for projects.
  • Client users are added in the role of "Employee" in Zoho Projects because of API limitations in Basecamp.
  • Your project data will not be deleted even if you downgrade or cancel Zoho Projects.
  • Users in your Basecamp account will be added to your Zoho Projects portal, and they will be notified via mail.

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