Edit, Delete and Archive projects

We have furnished options for you to edit, delete, sort, archive, and unarchive projects. The Portal Owner and Administrator has the privilege to edit, delete and archive a project in a portal. The Managers can only edit and archive a project.

 Edit a project

  1. Navigate to Projects and hover over a project to edit or delete.
  2. Edit your project information, if necessary.
  3. Click Update.
  • The Billing Method field cannot be edited if an invoice already exists for the project
  • Only Portal Owners, Admins, and Managers can edit the Billing Method field

    If you are unable to generate an invoice after updating the project billing to staff hours, delete the
    old invoices and create a new one.

Delete a project

When you delete a project, the project is deleted forever along with the associated data. A project once deleted cannot be retrieved.


Archive a project

Edit a project and change it's Project Status to Archive, to archive an active project. The project is moved under Archived Projects. You can archive or unarchive projects based on your convenience.

Archive Project

 Sort archived projects

Click Projects and then choose Archived Projects. In the archived project list, click Sort Alphabetically on the right side to alphabetically sort the projects. The alphabetically sorted projects order is a temporary view, and you cannot save.


If required, click Back to default view to toggle to the normal view.

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