Business Rules and Workflow for bugs

Business Rules allows you to organize the bugs more efficiently by setting criteria that match your project requirement. Business Rules are applied to bugs based on the rule list order, when there are multiple business rules. You can add, edit and deactivate a business rule.

 Add a business rule

You can add as many business rules as desired for bugs.

  1. In Projects, select the required project and click Bugs. And then click Bug Settings from the displayed option.
  2. In Automation, click Business Rules. And click Add Rule at the top right corner to add a new rule.
  3. In Rule Details, specify the Name and Description for the business rule.
  4. In Execute On choose the required option as to when to trigger the businness rule.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In Criteria tab, set the criteria for the rule to be executed.


    • You can set various criterion to trigger the business rule. You can set criterion to match bugs based on Modified Date, Last Closed Date, Release Milestone, AffectedMilestoneSeverity, and so on. 
    • The Criteria pattern can now be updated directly with Edit Pattern in SLA, Business Rules, and Custom View.
  7. Click Next.
    •  You can delete any criteria, if required. Hover over the criteria and click the delete icon to delete.
  8.  In Actions tab, set the action that must be executed when the bugs match the defined criteria.
  9.  In Call Webhooks, choose an existing webhook or create a new one to notify for the business rule. Webhooks in business rule notifies the configured third party URL when a related bug matches its defined business rule. Learn More about Webhooks.
  10. Click Save Rule to save the business rule.


  • You can also set criteria for business rules with Custom Fields, Affected Milestone,and Release Milestone.

 Edit / Delete a business rule

If required, you can modify the business rule criteria. In Business Rules, click Edit and modify the business rule criteria as required and save. You can also click Delete to delete the business rule permanently.


 Reorder business rules

You can reorder the business rules as desired. Click Business Rules, click Reorder Business rule and then drag and drop the business rules as desired. And save the new business rule order.


 Deactivate business rule

You can temporarily refrain from executing a business rule instead of deleting. And later you can activate the business rule, if required. In Business Rules, click Deactivate to deactivate the business rule. You can later Activate the rule, if required.