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Zoho CRM Integration

With the Zoho Forms and Zoho CRM integration, you can automatically push your form data into Zoho CRM modules as soon as someone fills out your form.

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Integrate with Zoho CRM

You can integrate your forms with the following CRM modules:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Potentials
  • Campaigns
  • Cases
  • Solutions
  • Products
  • Price Books
  • Vendors
  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Calls
  • Custom Modules

To begin integrating your form's details directly to CRM,

  1. Click on the Integrate tab on your form builder.
  2. Under Zoho CRM, click the Integrate button.
  3. Select the required CRM module and layout.
  4. Map all the mandatory CRM fields to the corresponding fields in your form.
  5. To map more form fields to CRM fields, click on the Add field button.
  6. Select the CRM field from the dropdown provided. The form fields that are relevant to the selected field would be listed in the dropdown under Zoho Forms.
  7. Map all the fields, select the necessary Actions to be performed on integration and then click on the Integrate button.

Supported Field Types

These are the Zoho Forms fields that can be mapped with the respective fields in Zoho CRM. 

S. NoCRM FieldSupported Form Fields
1Single LineSingle Line, Multi Line, Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Unique ID, Dropdown, Radio, Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Matrix Choice, Image Choices, Number, Decimal, Currency, Slider, Rating, Formula, Date, Time, Date-Time, Referrer Name, IP Address
2Multi LineSingle Line, Multi Line, Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Unique ID, Dropdown, Radio, Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Matrix Choice, Image Choices, Number, Decimal, Currency, Slider, Rating, Formula, Date, Time, Date-Time
3EmailSingle Line, Email
4PhoneSingle Line, Phone
5Pick ListSingle Line, Dropdown, Radio, Matrix Choice, Image Choices
6Multi SelectMultiple Choice, Checkbox, Matrix Choice, Image Choices
9NumberNumber, Slider, Rating
11DecimalDecimal, Formula
12PercentDecimal, Formula
13Long IntegerNumber, Slider, Rating
14Check boxDecision Box
15URLSingle Line, Website


Under Actions, you can choose to trigger certain actions in Zoho CRM every time a form submission comes in.

  1. Workflow: Select this option to trigger your workflows in Zoho CRM while adding entries via Zoho Forms.
  2. Attachment: Select this option to add attached files in Zoho Forms to your Zoho CRM account. Note that signatures will also be added as attachments. Also, if you map Image options field to Zoho CRM, only the image labels will be sent across. The images will not be attached.
  3. Approval: Choose this option to automatically send form entries to your Zoho CRM approval list instead of adding them.
  4. Capture GCLID (Google Click ID): Determine the Adwords advertisement that brought a Lead/Contact to your website using this option. Capturing GCLID is necessary to obtain the Google AdWords information right inside your Zoho CRM account. The GCLID is passed to Zoho CRM, along with the information that you collect from the visitor who fills up your form. The following steps are mandatory for this action to function properly:
    • Integrate your Zoho CRM account with Google AdWords. Follow the first 4 steps under the section Set up Google AdWords Integration.
    • Integrate Zoho Forms with Zoho CRM.
    • Click on the Capture GCLID check box. A pop-up appears. Copy the tracking code displayed and paste it in all the web pages in your website, right before the </body> tag.
    • The tracking code keeps a record of the GCLID even if the visitor navigates to other pages before filling up your form.

4. Upsert Record: On selecting this option, you can arrange fields in the order in which to perform upsert. 'Upsert' means that for existing records, data is updated or else, it is added as a new record in your CRM. The Upsert Field Order is the order in which the fields are considered for upsert and it's specified by you. Here's how it works:

For example, if you arrange the 'Email' field before the 'Company' field, when a form is submitted with the 'Company' as 'Zylker' and 'Email' as 'rebecca@zylker.com',

  • First, it's checked if the email 'rebecca@zylker.com' exists in the CRM.
  • If it does exist, it's checked if the 'Company' associated with it is 'Zylker' and if it's not it gets updated to 'Zylker'. Likewise, other mapped fields get updated.
  • In case the email address 'rebecca@zylker.com' does not exist in your CRM, then it's checked if 'Zylker' exists under 'Company'.
  • If it does exist, then the mapped fields associated with that entry are updated.
  • Or else, if none of the field values exist, then a new record with all the details is added into that module.

Once you check the 'Upsert Record' option, the Upsert Field Order pop-up opens. Here, you can re-arrange the order of the fields in which upsert should be performed.

When you're done specifying the upsert field order, click 'Done'.

Remove Integration

To remove an integrated field, click on the minus ' - ' icon in the right corner of the fields.

To remove CRM integration altogether, click on the Remove integration button present in the Zoho CRM integration page and confirm the same.


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