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Google Sheets Integration

The Zoho Forms-Google Sheets integration allows you to store your form responses in Google Sheets and save form attachments and signatures in Google Drive. 

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When you integrate your form with Google Sheets, your responses will be saved in Google Sheets as shown below. If you have attachment fields and signature fields in your form, you can also save them in Google Drive using this integration. 

Note: Entries from Subform will be pushed to Google Sheets and grouped under the Subform's name. File and image attachments from Subforms can also be pushed to Google Drive.


To set up Google Sheets integration:

  1. Click Google Sheets under the Integration tab.
  2. Click the Integrate button.
  3. In the pop-up, click Authenticate Google to confirm authentication.
  4. Choose from one of these options:
    • New sheet - Creates a new spreadsheet. Name it as you please.
    • Existing sheet - Choose an existing spreadsheet and your responses will be saved in a new worksheet in the existing sheet. The new worksheet will be your form's name.

Once integrated, all responses and attachments from your form will be saved in both Zoho Forms and Google Sheets. As you add fields to your form, they will be automatically added to the spreadsheet as well.

Note:​ Data saved in Zoho Forms and Google Sheet are independent of one another. Editing the records in Zoho Forms will not alter the data on the Google spreadsheet.

  1. In addition to all the fields in your form, you can also assign dedicated columns to view Added Email ID, Referrer Name, Payment Information, UTM Tracking parameters and Geolocation details in the integrated spreadsheet. Checkboxes for Payment Information, UTM Tracking parameters, and Geolocation will appear in the integration settings only if you have configured any of these options in the form.
    • Referrer Name: By checking the Referrer Name box, the details of the source from which the form was filled will be pushed to the integrated spreadsheet. The Referrer Name will be added as a separate column.
    • Payment Information: By checking the Payment Information box, the payment details of each form submission will be pushed to the integrated spreadsheet. The Payment Amount, Payment Status, Payment Currency, and Payment Merchant will be added as separate columns.
    • UTM Tracking: By checking the UTM Tracking box, the UTM Tracking parameters will be pushed to the integrated spreadsheet. All the default UTM tracking parameters and the custom parameters will be added as separate columns.
    • Geolocation: By checking the Geolocation box, the respondent location will be pushed to the integrated google spreadsheet. The Geolocation details such as Submitter's Location, Submitter's Latitude, and Submitter's Longitude will be added as separate columns.
  2. Click Save to save the integration setup.

Note: Once saved, the columns in the spreadsheet cannot be removed. If you wish to deselect any of the information, the integration setup must be removed completely and reconfigured. The new integration can be configured to a new worksheet within the same spreadsheet or to a new spreadsheet.

Save attachments in Google Drive

You will also find an option to store all the file attachments and signatures collected via your form in Google Drive. Select your form's field and specify the folder name. All attachments will then be stored in the new folder every time respondents upload attachments to your form.

Note: You will be able to save all attachments in Google Drive only if your form is integrated with Google Sheets as well. 

To remove Google Sheets integration, click the Remove integration link and confirm.

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