Once the form is shared and the word spreads, your responses will start coming in. Zoho Forms has a simple built-in analytics for each form. You can find out the page views, entries, error score, and conversion rate in the analytics page.

 To check your form page's analytics:

  1. Go to the Home page.
  2. Click on the Analytics link present below the form title.

In the Analytics page, you can obtain the following information:


The number of people who have viewed your form is known as page views. You can choose to view it in either monthly or yearly format. Also, under Pageviews by region area, you can see a map indicating where your traffic comes from. It shows the number of pageviews by location.


Number of form submissions made gives the number of entries. Similar to pageviews, the Entries section also has a monthly and yearly view, and a map showing the numbers of entries by location.

Error score

Error score gives the number of times that an error was thrown while your respondent tried to submit the form.

Conversion rate

This tab shows the rate of conversion of views into entries. It gives the percentage of people who have viewed the form and ended up filling it. Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the form Entries by the Pageviews.


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