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Understanding Roles in Zoho Projects

Key User Roles and Access Privileges for a Portal

The key roles and access privileges in Zoho Projects are as follows:

Portal Owner

Portal Owner (Administrator) is the one who has all the privileges of an administrator. Additionally a portal owner also has permission to access upgrade/billing process, change portal URL and owner.


  • There can be only one portal administrator per portal.


Administrator is the one who has all the privileges in a portal like adding new projects, folders, adding/removing users, adding/editing/deleting tasks, scheduling meetings.


A Manager has all the privileges at a project level like adding new projects, folders, adding/removing users and scheduling meetings.


Employee is a normal user who works for the project with limited privileges like accessing documents, adding tasks, uploading documents in a project.


Contractor is the one who works in a project for a specified period of time. When the contract period is over, the administrator revokes their access to the project.

Client User

A company or organization for whom the projects are done. Eg: Bowman Furniture.
A user who has access to see the progress of a project from the client company. Eg:
Client user can add tasks, upload documents and actively participate in forum discussions.

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