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Advanced Gamification

Advanced Gamification, powered by Zoho Motivator , helps you boost your sales using game mechanics. This integration provides real time insights on your Zoho CRM Sales data and helps you improve sales performance by creating contests to foster healthy competition in your sales team and setting targets to define clear goals that needs to be achieved.

Integrating Zoho Motivator with Zoho CRM is quite simple. Once the integration is enabled, all the data from your Zoho CRM account (standard & custom modules/fields) will be copied into Zoho Motivator within a few minutes. Any changes made to the records in Zoho CRM will be instantly synchronized with Motivator. Motivator does not make any changes to your CRM records. Key events in Motivator such as when a new contest/target is created or when time is nearly up on a contest/target are notified to the users via CRM Feeds.


Profile Permission Required: Administrators need to configure it for users in other profiles.



  • You need an Administrator profile in Zoho CRM to associate your CRM account with Zoho Motivator.
  • You can associate only a single Zoho Motivator account with Zoho CRM.

 Enable Advanced Gamification

Setting up the Advanced Gamification (Integration with Zoho Motivator) requires you to enable the integration from within Zoho CRM. Enabling it will direct you to Zoho Motivator where you can configure a few details to pull data from Zoho CRM.

  • If you have already signed up for Zoho Motivator - Enable the integration from Zoho CRM and set up details for data synchronization in Zoho Motivator.
  • If you are new to Zoho Motivator and have not signed up - On enabling the integration you will start with a 15-day trial of Zoho Motivator. After the 15 day trial you will be downgraded to the Free version of Zoho Motivator. You can upgrade to the Paid version  of Zoho Motivator at any time.

To enable Advanced Gamification

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator profile privileges.
  2. Click Settings > Setup > Marketplace > Zoho > Advanced Gamification.
  3. In the Advanced Gamification page, one of the following options will be displayed
  • Start Using Advanced Gamification - Click this option to start your 15 day trial of Zoho Motivator.
    This option is available only when you have not started using Zoho Motivator.
  • Go to Advanced Gamification - Clicking this will take you to your Motivator account.
    This option will be available for the users who have already started using Zoho Motivator.
  • Upgrade Now - Click this to upgrade to the Paid version  of Zoho Motivator.
    This option will be displayed after your Zoho Motivator trial has expired.


  • There is no limit on the number of users in Motivator during the trial period.
  • After the trial period ends, you have to again add back the users to Motivator.
  • The details of your Contests and Targets created during the trial period will be saved after your trial.
    • For users who get downgraded to free version, only the company targets and one contest can be stored.
    • For users who upgrade to the paid version can store all the contests and targets and continue using them even after their trial.
  • After the trial ends only the users who are added back to Motivator can be part of the Contests and Targets (new as well as running ones).
    For example: You have 8 Users involved in a contest during your trial period . When you get downgraded to Free version after your trial, you can add only a maximum of 5 users. The users who were not added back to Motivator will be removed from the contests and the contests' leaderboards will be adjusted accordingly.

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