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Using Zia Reminder

Best time to Contact suggestions by Zia help you with reaching out to your customers successfully. Going a step further, Zia intelligently even sets up reminders for your records based on these Best time to Contact suggestions.

Instead of setting up manual reminders for each activity, you can simply select your list of tasks for the day and let Zia remind you. You don't have to worry about remembering what you should do (and when). Zia will automatically send your reminders for your acitivies based on their respective Best time to Contact suggestions. Zia not only plans the day for you but it also plans it for the best possible outcome from every action that you do.


Permission Required: Users in any profile can access this feature.

Zia Reminders---

Supported Modules

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Activities (Tasks)

Let Zia Remind You

You can let Zia remind you from the following places in Zoho CRM:

  • Records' list view page
  • Records' detail page
  • Home page - Classic View

Records' list view page

You can set Zia reminders from the list view page of Leads, Contacts, and Activities module. In the Activities module, you can set reminders only for tasks based on custom views.

To let Zia remind you,

  1. Go to the [Module] tab.
  2. Select a list view from the custom view drop-down list.
  3. Click the Select all checkbox for the list view and click the more icon and choose Set Reminder from the drop-down.
  4. In the Set Reminder by Zia popup, you can set additional reminders for the following:
  • Records that do not have a Suggested Time or whose Suggested Time has already passed

Zia will prioritize your other activities first and fit these records in free slots such that you don't miss a thing.

  • Records whose Suggested Time falls outside business hours

By selecting this option, you can choose to receive reminders for activities based on best times that are beyond your business hours.

  • Also include new records that get added to this view

During the course of the day when new records are added in the selected list view, you will receive reminders for them as well.

  1. Click Set Reminder.

Records' detail page

You can simply set reminders based on Best time to Contact for individual leads or contacts even without any associated tasks.

To set Zia Reminders from the records' detail view,

  1. Go to the [Module] tab.
  2. Click open a record.
  3. In the [Record] Details page, click the Today link near Best time to Contact.
  4. A list of suggested times for the current day will be displayed. Select one and set a reminder for the best time.

Home page - Classic View

To set reminders from the home page,

  1. Go to the Home tab. 
  2. Select the Classic View from the drop-down list.
  3. In the first component select My Today's tasks or My Today + Overdue Tasks.
  4. Click the Let Zia remind you link.
  5. In the Set Reminder by Zia popup, you can optionally set additional reminders and click Set Reminder.

Zia will automatically set reminders for the selected records based on the Best time to Contact suggestions.

View Zia Reminders

You will begin to receive reminders as pop-ups in the top right corner of your screen.

These reminders will pop up 15 minutes prior to the Best time to Contact. From the reminder popup, you can:

  • Call the contact directly from the pop-up if your CRM account has the telephony integration enabled. If not, you can click View to see the record details.
  • Dismiss the reminder altogether
  • Snooze the reminder for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. You can also move the reminder to its next Best time to Contact.


  • The reminders scheduled by Zia work on a daily basis. This means that they are valid only for the particular day when you set the reminder. They will be cleared automatically at 12:00 AM. You must reset them to continue getting the reminders for your activities based on Zia suggested times.
  • For the same reason, when you set reminders from the records' detail page, you will only be able to set them for Today.
  • You will receive a maximum of 300 reminders per day, irrespective of the number of records selected.
  • When you set reminder from the Tasks' list view page, once you select your tasks from the list, the Set Reminder button can be easily accessed right on top.
  • You can set reminders for a maximum of five list views in each module.

Modify Notification Settings

You can pause or resume Zia reminders at any time of the day. If for any reason you want to cancel/pause the reminder during the day, like say when you are getting into an unplanned meeting or going out for personal work, you can pause the reminders for the rest of the day.

To modify the reminder notifications,

  1. Go to Setup > General > Zia.
  2. Click Zia Reminder.
  3. In the Notification settings page, you will be able to see the following:
    • Zia reminders for individual records
    • The list views under the respective modules that you have set reminders by Zia for
    • The count of pending reminders
    • The last modified time
  4. Toggle the notifications on/off individually for records and list views, if required.
  5. Toggle All Notification off to cancel all the Zia reminders for the rest of the day.
  6. Select to and from timings from the respective drop downs to pause notifications every day during a specific time. Make sure that the button is toggled on.

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