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Standard Merge Fields

The following are the standard merge fields that can be used in templates in order to retrieve relevant data.

Inventory Template Tags

While creating a template, you can use various tags from Users, Organization, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Vendors, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders modules.

List of Standard Fields:

Field NameTagDescriptionData Type
First Name${User.First Name}Specify the first name of the user.Text box
Last Name${User.Last.Name}Specify the last name of the user. This field is a mandatory field.Text box
Email${User.Email}Specify the official E-mail ID of the user. This is a mandatory field.URL
Phone${User.Phone}Specify the official phone number of the user.Pick list
Mobile${Mobile}Specify the mobile phone number of the user.Text box, integer value
Fax${User.Fax}Specify the FAX number of the user.Text box
Street${User.Street}Specify the primary address of the Zoho CRM user.Text box
City${User.City}Specify the name of the city where the user lives.Text box
State${User.State}Specify the name of the state where the user lives.Text box
Zip${User.Zip Code}Specify the postal code of the user's address.Text box, integer value
Country${User.Country}Specify the name of the user's country.Text box
Signature${User.Signature}Specify the signature of the sender where needed.Text box
User Role${User.Role}Specify the role of the user where needed.Text box

List of Organization-Related Tags:

Field NameTagDescriptionData Type
Name${Organization.Organization Name}Specify your company name.Text box
Phone${Organization.Phone}Specify the official phone number of your company.Text box
Mobile${Organization.Mobile}Specify the mobile number of your company.Text box
Fax${Organization.Fax}Specify the FAX number of your company.Text box
Website URL${Organization.Website}Specify your company Website URL.URL
Street${Organization.Street}Specify the primary address of your company.Text box
City${Organization.City}Specify the city in which your company is located.Text box
State${Organization.State}Specify the state in which your company is located.Text box
Postal Code${Organization.Zip Code}Specify the postal code of your company address.Text box
Country${Organization.Country}Specify the name of the country in which your company headquarters is located.Text box
Company Logo${companyLogo}Upload your company logo, which can be used as header in your quotes, orders, and invoices similar to letterhead. Maximum allowed size 188 x 80 px.Browse Image
Description${Organization.Organization Description}Specify your company information.Text Area

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