Managing Roles

In any organization, users will require access to a wide range of data in order to perform their sales, marketing, customer service, and inventory tasks. The type of data required by users varies based on their job roles. As a Zoho CRM administrator, you need to allow users to access the customer data they need and prevent users from accessing the customer data they don't need.

Roles refer to the hierarchical positions within an organization. Users at a higher level have access to records owned by users at a lower level. Creating roles in Zoho CRM enables you to provide users with the right level of access depending on each user's position in the hierarchy of the organization. Zoho CRM allows you to create roles and assign them to users based on their job tasks. The CEO and Manager roles are available by default. You can use these default roles to create other roles and set up your organization's role hierarchy.

Key Features

  • Users with a CEO role have access to the entire database within your organization.
  • Managers in the role hierarchy cannot view or edit their subordinates' records if they do not have the Read or Edit permissions for the applicable record type.
  • Users at a higher role can access other users’ data below their hierarchy. For example: a Sales Manager can access his/her sub-ordinates' data.
  • By default, users of the same role cannot access each other's data. For example, the VP Engineering cannot access the VP Marketing data and vice versa though they are of the same hierarchy.
  • Using the Share Data with Peers option you can enable sharing of data among users of the same role.
  • By default, users at the top of the hierarchy cannot view the data shared to their subordinate users through custom sharing rules. However, you can enable access rights to the managers by using the Superiors Allowed option while creating data sharing rule.
  • One must have read/write access to the primary record to add Notes, attachments or send email to it.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Manage Roles permission in profile can access this feature.

Note: You can create roles only if you have more than one user in your Zoho CRM account.

Sample Organizational Hierarchy

Model of the Organizational Hierarchy

Zoho CRM - Sample Role Hierarchy

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