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Standard Fields in Opportunities

Following are the list of Zoho defined standard fields available in the Opportunities module:

Field Name Description Data type Maximum Limit
Deal Owner Select the name of the user to whom the deal is assigned. Lookup  
Deal Name* Specify name of the deal. This field is mandatory. Text box Alphanumeric(120)
Account Name* Select name of the account to which deal has to be created. This field is mandatory. Lookup -
Type Select the type of deal (New Business or Existing Business) from the drop-down list. Pick list -
Lead Source Select the lead source from the drop-down list Pick list -
Campaign Source Select the campaign related to the deal. Lookup -
Contact Name Select the contact related to the Deal. Lookup  
Amount Specify the amount that can be expected after closing the deal. Currency  
Closing Date* Specify or select the expected close date. This field is mandatory. Date format -
Next Step Specify the next step of the sales process. Text box Alphanumeric(100)
Stage* Select the sales stage from the drop-down list. This field is mandatory. Pick list -
Probability Specify the probability of closing a deal. Number  
Expected Revenue Calculated based on the Amount and deal Stage that you specify Currency  
Created By Displays name of the user created the deal first time. Date/Time -
Modified By Displays name of the user modified the deal Date/Time  
Description Specify any other details about deal. Text area (long text) 32000 characters


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