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Standard Fields in Opportunities

Following are the list of Zoho defined standard fields available in the Opportunities module:

Field Name Description Data type Maximum Limit
Potential Owner Select the name of the user to whom the potential is assigned. Lookup  
Potential Name* Specify name of the potential. This field is mandatory. Text box Alphanumeric(120)
Account Name* Select name of the account to which potential has to be created. This field is mandatory. Lookup -
Type Select the type of potential (New Business or Existing Business) from the drop-down list. Pick list -
Lead Source Select the lead source from the drop-down list Pick list -
Campaign Source Select the campaign related to the contact. Lookup -
Contact Name Select the contact related to the Potential. Lookup  
Amount Specify the amount that can be expected after closing the potential. Currency  
Closing Date* Specify or select the expected close date. This field is mandatory. Date format -
Next Step Specify the next step of the sales process. Text box Alphanumeric(100)
Stage* Select the sales stage from the drop-down list. This field is mandatory. Pick list -
Probability Specify the probability of closing an potential. Number  
Expected Revenue Calculated based on the Amount and potential Stage that you specify Currency  
Created By Displays name of the user created the potential first time. Date/Time -
Modified By Displays name of the user modified the potential Date/Time  
Description Specify any other details about potential. Text area (long text) 32000 characters