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Analytical components display your organization's data in a pictorial form making it more comprehensible. Zoho CRM provides six different types of analytical components for your dashboards. Below are the list of components you can choose from: 

  1. Chart - Chart is a graphical representation of your data. It gives a quick insight of the records for an easy analysis. 
  2. KPI - Key Performance Indicator lets you measure the performance of your team.
  3. Comparator - Comparator gives you a comparative overview of any data like user performance, lead source etc. 
  4. Anomaly Detector - Anomaly Detector detects any type of discrepancy in your usual business process. 
  5. Target Meter - Target meter lets you set and monitor targets for your team.
  6. Funnel - Funnel provides you a visual depiction of different stages in your business.

You can also choose to add components from the Analytics Gallery page. All you need to do is, click the Pick From Gallery option in Add component and select a component from the gallery. 


  • You can add maximum 10 components to a dashboard.
  • Only Summary and Matrix reports can be added to the dashboard.
  • You can delete only those custom charts that are created by you.


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