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Field Level Customization

Field-level customization enables organizing the field requirements of any organization. By default, Zoho CRM provides some standard fields and allows adding more industry-specific fields. Some of these fields are common to all modules and are displayed within each module settings. However, depending on the business requirement of the organization, each module can have custom fields.

Standard Fields

By default, Zoho CRM provides some standard fields in each module. These fields can be displayed or hidden as per the organization's requirement. The mandatory fields cannot be edited or deleted. To learn more about the Zoho defined standard fields, click here.

Custom Fields

Besides the standard fields available in each module, Zoho CRM allows adding more industry-specific custom fields according to the business process. You can add custom fields in all the modules. To learn more about the custom fields, click here.

Formula Fields

In Zoho CRM, you can also create fields that can populate dynamically calculated data based on the values returned from other standard or custom fields. To learn more about the formula fields, click here.

Special Fields

The special fields are not common to all modules but are available to specific modules only. They are applicable only to particular modules depending on the purpose of their function. To learn more about the special fields, click here.