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Standard Fields in Log Calls

In the Log a Call page, you need to specify the call-related information. The following table provides description of the various fields in the page.

Field Name Description Data Type
Subject Enter the subject of the call. Text Box
Call Type
  • Choose Inbound for the incoming calls in your organization.
  • Choose Outbound for the outgoing calls in your organization.
Select option
Related To Choose the type of record to which the call is related and then choose the record. Drop-down list
Call From/To Specify to whom the call is made or from whom the call is received. Select option
Call Purpose Choose the purpose of the call from the drop-down list. Pick list
Call Result Specify the call result Text Box
Time Details
  • Click Current Call if the call is in progress.
  • Click Completed Call if the call is completed.
Select option
Call Start Time Automatically displays the current date and time. Date and Time
Call Duration
  • Displays the call duration for the Current Calls.
  • For Completed Calls, specify the call duration.
Description Specify the description of the call. Text Box
Billable Select the check box if the call is billable. Check Box


  • You cannot add custom fields in the Log a Call page. However you can customize the existing fields using page layout customization.
  • You can mark the Call Duration and Call Start Time fields as non-mandatory.


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